Should Students Have Study Hall Every Day?


A study hall period can be a relaxing place for students.

Aiden McAffie, Writer

Study hall is a time for students to catch up on work and if they are already caught up they can relax and enjoy a free hour. Both of those things are good for students because for one a lot of kids fall behind on their homework and stress about it. Secondly, I think we could all agree students could use some down time even if they are caught up with all of their work.

“I think it would be a good idea if we had study hall every other day, it would help me stay caught up on work and allow me to have more time to relax at home,” sophomore Vincent Gramolino (23) said.

Obviously most students would appreciate a daily study hall at school, but we should also talk about the practicality of it. First hour bell rings at 7:20 A.M. and the last hour bell rings at 2:20 P.M. We have seven hours at school with the exception of students attending tech school or some seniors who have half days.

With that being said, I believe that in that seven hour window we could definitely work in a daily study hall. Even if it’s only for 30-45 minutes, I believe it could help a lot.

 Maybe every day might seem excessive to some, which I could definitely see why one would think that. Even if we had a study hall class Monday, Wednesday, Friday, (three days a week) this could still potentially lead to students being more productive and more relaxed at school. A counter argument could be that students should just stay after school if they’re behind on work. While this is a viable option for some students, a lot of students play sports, have jobs, look after their siblings, and some students simply can’t stay after because they have no way of getting home other than the bus. So yes, staying after school works for some, but even the students who prefer staying after to do work would still probably enjoy a study hall period to relax if they don’t have work. 

“Sometimes I don’t get the proper amount of time to do my schoolwork due to having work on the weekends,” sophomore Austin Kent (23) said.

As students, most of us work hard to obtain the grades we want. A lot of us also are quite busy after school. All things considered I believe this is an idea for everyone to think about. Even if it’s not implemented the way I stated I would still like to see something to help students out. 

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