How Much Water Should You Drink a Day?


Adequate water intake is highly overlooked yet very important. Image courtesy of Creative Commons.

Aiden McAffie

Water, it is the staple for survival in all living things on Earth. After all we as humans are 60% water. So how much water do we need a day to be adequately hydrated? There is no one definitive answer. Your water needs will vary based on gender, weight, where you live, and whether or not you exercise. According to the Mayo Clinic about 20% of daily fluid intake comes from food and the rest from drinks. Now what about the claim that eight cups of water a day is enough? This is a good starting place in making sure you are drinking enough but you may need more or less when taking into account the factors previously stated. 

There are websites with water calculators and things of that nature but as previously stated water needs may vary so it is important to drink to your thirst and keep water handy at all times. 

How would you know if you are drinking enough water? According to the Mayo Clinic you are getting enough water if you rarely feel thirsty, and if your urine is colorless or light yellow.

Some tips to increase your water intake (if needed) is to carry a water bottle around, drink while eating, exercise more often, and add zero calorie flavoring to your water to change it up a bit.

With all this information you just learned you should ask yourself, “Am I getting enough water?” if the answer is no then you should try some of the tips given and do some extra research for yourself.


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