History of the Chevy Silverado



Chevy Silverado show truck showing off the crazy potential the Silverados have.

Aiden McAffie

To preface this for those who do not know, the Chevy Silverado is a range of trucks manufactured by GM (General Motors). The first model was introduced in 1999 and got its name from the C/K Chevy trucks. The Silverado was the highest trim level from the C/K series introduced in the late 70s. The main difference between the C/K models is the C models are two wheel drive and the K models are four wheel drive. The C/K models had four generations going from 1959 – 2000.

The Silverado set a new standard for trucks of the time. It got better gas mileage than the Ford F-150, made more power than the Dodge Ram, and could tow more than both of them. In 1999 the Silverado also won motor trend truck of the year.

In 2003 Chevy released the Silverado SS (Super Sport). A smaller truck powered by the 6L LQ9 V8 that produced 345 horsepower. It came with a four speed automatic gearbox and was AWD (all wheel drive).

In 2004 Chevy released the Silverado Hybrid. It was the first “mild hybrid” which used an electric motor to help starting up, charging batteries, and powering accessories. It did not act as a true hybrid, hence the “mild hybrid” title.

In 2008 Chevy released the Silverado 3500HD (Heavy Dog) with a duramax diesel V8 engine that produced 350 horsepower. It could tow up to 17,000 pounds and haul up to 5,000 pounds in the bed. It was the ideal work truck considering how much it could handle.

There is some history of the Chevy Silverado. I only covered the basics but if you wanted there is a lot more to learn about the truck.

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