Falcon & the Winter Soldier


Emily Teismann

Marvel’s ‘Falcon & the Winter Soldier’ is nominated for an Emmy!

Emily Teismann, Editor in Chief

Having premiered on March 19, the six episode miniseries dubbed The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was released on Disney+ to the public. Starring Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, the miniseries follows the events set up by Avengers: Endgame with half of the world returning from being snapped away by Thanos and 5 years of the world attempting to reconcile with the loss. As a whole, the show itself tackles very prevalent topics such as PTSD (especially in veterans), the difficulties that sometimes comes with undergoing therapy, racial profiling in law enforcement, sexism, border control and terrorism, Imposter Syndrome (a psychological condition in which the individual, usually those who are high-achieving, doubt their abilities and feel like they’re a fraud despite that they are deserving of their achievements), financial difficulties, politics, and etc. 

With Bucky and Sam being on screen together the majority of the time, the show gets an opportunity to delve into the “bickering old married couple” friendship that Bucky and Sam have, drawing out some laughter from the viewer. 

Another opportunity that the show allows for Marvel to explore is more of Bucky as a character. Through this, Marvel delivers a particularly emotional scene that shatters toxic masculine norms with having Bucky cry on screen. I actually teared up during this scene. The same could be said for Sam. The show allows for a once side character to take hold of his own story as well as gain some individuality and achieve character growth that he may not have gotten otherwise.

Overall, it is an excellent show that is definitely worth a watch. Each episode is roughly an hour long, so it is a relatively quick watch while still instilling a feeling in the reader that they went on a journey. It is action packed with a massive dose of suspense that keeps the viewer hooked until the end.

It is also worth noting that F&WS is nominated for an Emmy in the category of Best Drama while Wandavision, which has gained enormous popularity among Marvel fans, is competing in the category of Best Limited or Anthology Series. The Emmys will be taking place sometime this September. Remember to tune in to see who takes the cake!

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