What the media is not telling you about Hamas

Is there a possible outcome of stopping

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Is there a possible outcome of stopping

Andrew Walters

What the media is not telling you about Hamas

For the past two weeks, rockets have been fired into civilian areas of Israel by the terrorist group Hamas. Hamas’ charter openly calls for the destruction of the state of Israel, which would entail an anti-Semitic genocide; its 1988 charter explicitly and openly calls for such a genocide.

Hamas spends tens of millions of dollars in foreign aid not on helping the citizens of the Gaza Strip but on building terror tunnels and rocket capacity to strike at the Jews. Hamas fires its rockets from civilian areas, seeking to force Israel to kill Palestinian civilians so Hamas can propagandize supposed Israeli human rights atrocities.

Hamas locates its military facilities inside hospitals, journalist headquarters, schools and mosques. Hamas aims its rockets indiscriminately at civilians in Israel, killing Jews, Arabs and foreign workers.

The media coverage of the conflict has been biased. For example, The Associated Press, an outfit that has regularly covered up Hamas’ atrocities, has condemned Israel for hitting a Hamas building in which the AP had offices. 

Members of the Democratic Party’s radical, anti-Semitic fashion have been no less morally inverted. Rep. Rashida Tlaib has encouraged President Joe Biden to cut off Israel’s defense supplies. Rep. Ilhan Omar has accused Israel of “terrorism.” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has called Israel an “apartheid state,” despite the fact that Arabs are full citizens of Israel while not a single Jew lives under the predations of Hamas. The past week, nearly 200 Democrats voted not to cut off funding to groups linked with Hamas.

The conflict between Hamas and Israel is not a dispute over borders: Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip a decade and a half ago. It is not a dispute over religion: Israel allows Muslims full freedom of worship throughout Israel, particularly on the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site, where Jewish worship remains essentially forbidden in favor of kowtowing to Islamist diktats. 

It is not a dispute over homes in Sheikh Jarrah, a suburb of Jerusalem that has been the subject of a decades-long property dispute between private parties and in which Arabs who aren’t subject to such disputes continue to live.

The conflict between Hamas and Israel is about a stubborn fact: Israel exists, and Hamas wishes it didn’t exist. Hamas will target civilians in Israel, use Palestinian children to shield its rockets and lie to the press to achieve its goals. Israel, meanwhile, is seeking to minimize civilian casualties at great risk to its own citizens.

Opposing Israel’s actions doesn’t make you an anti-Semite. But siding with Hamas in a conflict like this one certainly does.


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