Do We Really Have Freedom of Speech?


Morgan Romanski, Writer

Recently, it has been harder and harder to speak your mind. There is always constant backlash and debating going on when you state a simple opinion on a political topic. 

When people are vocal about certain things, they often claim that they have freedom of speech and can say whatever they want. But how far does this go, and do we really have that freedom of speech?

Of course, with the 1st amendment of the constitution, we have the right to freedom of speech legally. However, this does not mean that you can just say what you want. The limits to the freedom of speech mean that we do not get to speak hateful or dishonest things about people. For example, slander, or spreading false information about someone, is illegal. 

While there are some legal restrictions on freedom of speech, there are some societal ones as well. Many people are not open to listening to other people’s opinions on certain topics, especially with the election coming up in November. There seem to be constant arguments that do not do anything except further divide an already divided nation.

One way we can solve this issue is to listen to other people’s perspectives and opinions and stay open-minded. It is important that you do not try to interrupt them either- just give them a chance to explain their views. They may just be misunderstood.

Trying to see things from their point of view is important too. Genuinely try to find where they are coming from and see if you can find a middle ground. 

A lot of us are guilty of just shutting down other’s opinions or ideas just because we do not agree with them. However, if you just give other people a chance, you may be able to settle some differences without the arguments. 

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