Coronavirus: Then and Now


As people are getting cabin fever, the desire to break quarantine and gather in large groups will only prolong the impacts of the deadly virus.

Morgan Romanski, Reporter

It’s almost hard to remember a time when COVID-19 did not exist. This year seems to have been dragging on forever, and we are finally nearing the end of it. 

In February of this year, we wrote an article about the situation that was sweeping the globe and causing panic in the United States. It seemed that having a case of coronavirus in Chicago was causing panic all the way down in Wentzville, and so an article was written. Over the past year, there have been a lot of changes to our daily lives, so what has changed so far? 

As of February 2, just over 362 people had died globally and only 11 cases had been reported in the United States. If we compare that to now, over 1.6 million people have died globally and 16,293,597 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the United States. That’s a pretty big change in just over 10 months, isn’t it?Онлайн займ на карту без отказа и без проверок срочно. Срочные займы онлайн на карту без проверок и без отказа в 99% случаях. Получить микрозайм без отказа на карту за несколько шагов. Оформляй микрозайм не выходя из дома.

Our article’s main goal was to address the panic that was sweeping the United States. Toilet paper was a hot commodity, and doctors were having a hard time finding clean N-95 masks to use. With all of the misinformation that was spreading at the time, there was a need for a breath of fresh air.

In the article, we mentioned that masks should only be worn by anyone who has COVID-19 (then only known as the novel coronavirus). Since then, the discovery of asymptomatic carriers has led officials to recommend that everyone wear cloth masks in public areas. 

It seemed that On December 10, we had a daily case count of almost 1.5 million. On February 2, only 2,604 people were infected globally, almost all of which were people either living in Wuhan, China, or those who had recently been there. 

This year has brought a lot of twists and turns to our daily lives, some that would sound insane to someone from just a year ago. With each passing day, we learn more and more about this disease, and we get closer and closer to recovery each day. So remember, keep your head up and don’t give up!