Biden: The New Leader of a New Nation


Hayden Kolarik, Reporter

Biden’s first days in office were not wasted, to say the least. He started off his presidency by imposing a federal mask mandate and rejoining the Paris climate accord. Biden also has laid out his plan for tackling COVID-19 and he has appointed Pete Buttilgig as his transportation secretary.

What does this all mean to you? Well, the mask mandate makes it 100% required for a mask to be worn on federal property. Federal property consists of things like state capitols and FBI buildings. If you travel there make sure that you have your mask in tow. The Paris Climate Accord, which we left on November 4th, 2020, Biden recently brought us back into. Its goal is to limit global warming below 2 degrees celsius. Global warming has been a big issue for the past years so rejoining the agreement is a big win for all of the world in keeping Earth habitable. Biden announced that he will be repealing the 1776 commission a propaganda machine that sugar coats slavery and accuses the civil rights movement of abandoning American principles. The commission was formed by then-president Donald. J Trump after the 1619 project released by the New York Times.

Bidens’ plans to combat coronavirus are all that anyone is mostly concerned about, so here is what Biden is doing to combat the virus. As mentioned earlier, Biden has implemented a mask mandate on federal property. His administration is also ¬®Working to¬® Purchase a total of 200 million more doses of the coronavirus vaccine. Pfizer will supply 100 million doses and Moderna 100 million. Bidens’ plans for these doses are to ship 10 million doses for the next few weeks. Another part of Bidens’ coronavirus plan is his $1.9 trillion stimulus package. This package covers a wide variety of topics. Here is a breakdown:

  • Direct payments of $1,400 bringing the total amount to $2,000 including the last packages $600
  • Federal Unemployment aid is being increased to $400 and is being extended through the end of September
  • Making the minimum wage $15
  • Extending the eviction moratoriums until the end of September 2021
  • $350 billion in local government and state aid
  • $170 billion in funding for K-12 schools and higher education
  • $50 billion in funding for Covid-19 testing
  • $20 billion in for a national vaccine program in partnership with states and local governments
  • Allowing the child Tax credit to be fully refundable and increasing credit to $3,000 per child. For children under six, it increases to $3,600.

Bidens’ plans of unity and bringing both Political parties together seem to be keeping the people of the U.S happy and he is not backing down in the face of opposition from the Republican party. Bidens’ first week and a half have been very interesting and we will have to see how his 4 years turn out. Here’s to hoping for the best!=