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2019-2020 Staff

Cale Barnes


This is my second year as a writer for Holt, I hope to get more attention on Holt's publication and leave a good mark on the school. I'm involved in several clubs such as Scholar Bowl, writing club, and my own D&D club. If...

Megan Thompson


**Class of 2020**Hello, my name is Megan. This is my third year writing for Holt Tribe and first year as Editor-in-Chief. I have been a Photography Editor and writer for the staff in previous years. I like musicals, cartoons, and...

Sophie Meek


Hi! I'm Sophie, and I'm a junior and this is my second year writing for the tribe, and my first year writing for the magazine. I have always enjoyed writing, and this has given me an opportunity to improve my skills and expand...

Aidan May


This is my first year with online and magazine. I'm looking forward to bringing something new and fresh to the table and to really improve on my writing.

Sierra Romanski


Hi, my name is Sierra Romanski. I’m a junior here at Holt High School and writing has always been something that I’ve enjoyed, which is why I decided to write for the school. Writing is a great way for me to get my creativity...

Noele Lehnhoff


My name is Noele Lehnhoff. I’m a sophomore, and I’m a writer for our school’s magazine. I have always had a love for creative writing, and in the past few years have discovered how interested I am in becoming a journalist. ...

Hana Scheuermann


Aloha everybody, my name is Hana Scheuermann and I am a junior this year and this is my third year writing for Holt Tribe. I love writing and it has been a part of my life ever since I could remember. I enjoy being creative in any w...

Kaia Fischer


My name is Kaia Fischer. I’m a senior this year and joining the Holttribe team. I can be found perusing the halls with a camera, running around the auditorium, and on Friday nights with a tenor saxophone in hand. If you see m...

Mitch Terbrock


My name is Mitch Terbrock and this is my first year as a writer for Holt. I play soccer and I am also in DECA. I am very excited to write articles for Holt Tribe.

Ethan Kuhn


My name is Ethan Kuhn and this is my first year as a editor for Holt Tribe. I am a junior and have past experience in journalism, I look to make a major impact on the staff and have a great year.

Jacob Tooley


I am a Junior this year, and this is my first year doing anything in Journalism. I am taking the Online News class, and I am fairly optimistic about it. You don't need to know me personally to figure out that I don't actually...

Lauren Johnson


My name is Lauren Johnson and I am a sophomore here at Holt. I knew I wanted to join magazine when I started to write constantly. I get my ideas for writing while I either watch YouTube or listen to music. A few things about me are...

Izzy Patton


My name is Izzy Patton, this is my second year writing for Holt. I write for Tribe as well as do Broadcast. Being apart of publications has showed me so much more about the school and new fun events!

Hunter Richardson


Hey, I'm Hunter Richardson and I'm a Senior at Holt. I joined magazine because I love writing about people and just figuring out more about them. I run Track and Cross Country for Holt.  I love to cook and hope to open a bakery...

Penny Ruiz


Penny Ruiz I am a junior at Holt. This is my second year on the magazine and online news staff. I took journalism as a freshman and it was 100% my favorite class all year long. I love taking journalistic and informative approa...

Prather Ford


My name is Prather Ford. I start varsity soccer and tennis for Holt. I joined magazine because I read their previous articles and constantly find myself really caught up in them, I felt very interested and now I want to write...

Madeleine Spellmeyer


In my free time, I like to go to the gym and write. My hobbies include creating different makeup looks and cooking. I wanted to join magazine because I think that writing is very fun. I also love learning more about Holt High...

Talia Cornejo


I am in my Senior year at Holt High School. My hobbies are very limited, probably because I have none. I am in HOSA.  I do not participate in sports unless you consider watching Netflix at an unhealthy rate or scrolling through...

Morgan Romanski


Hello! I am Morgan Romanski, and I am a Freshman at Holt. I have always loved writing and creating my own stories for as long as I can remember, and I would be open to pursuing something similar in my career. I am really enjoying...

Lillian Barley


Howdy, my name is Lillian Barley and I am a freshman this year. If you see me in the hall, feel free to hand me a Twix. I love to write about things around the school to inform others about the truth. I enjoy hanging out with...

Rheanna Lewis


Hi, I'm Rheanna Lewis and I'm a freshman ('23) at Holt. This is my first year taking Journalism. I am very shy, but once you get to know me I am very funny and outgoing. I don't do any activities outside of school other than playing...

Ashtyn Heuer


Hey! What's up? My name is Ashtyn. I am a sophomore here at Holt. I love to write, more creative writing per se, but I like to try new things and have found that Journalism is really cool to do. I adore dogs and cats, taking pictures,...

Alexis Stratman


Hello, my name is Alexis Stratman. I am 16 years old and I'm a sophomore graduating in the year 2022. I love to read and write stories, and hopefully, in the future, I will publish a book.

Rian Brady


Hello, my name is Rian Brady. I am in journalism class with Ms. Swanson. I really enjoy being in journalism class. I joined this class because I really enjoy watching the news and reading articles and wanted to be able to write...

Oriana Bonin


I'm a freshman here and this is my first year taking Journalism. My favorite form of writing would be poetry because it's so mysterious. I love listening to all music which is cool I guess.

Reagan Stinson


Hey, I'm Reagan and I'm a freshman here at Holt. I'm a member of HOSA and Associate Student Council. I knew I loved writing when I found out that I actually enjoyed writing essays for English everybody else dreaded. I remember...

Austin Fields


Hi, my name is Austin Fields. I'm a freshman at Holt High, and I like to swim.  I'm so happy I am able to take this class for freshman year.  I used to be so into writing and stopped, and now I'm starting to enjoy it again....

Jaden Walls


Hi. I'm a sophomore and I am a great person who makes people happy. Journalism is really fun and it brings me joy to be a part of the staff.

Damien Payne


Hi, my name is Damien Payne. I am a Junior this year and I graduate in 2021. I love writing and video editing. I am trying to get into broadcast media or something to do with video editing in general. I love editing videos and...

Jillian Murrah


Hey! I'm Jillian, a freshman writer for Holt Tribe. I love art, cats, and many different video games. I decided to join journalism to practice my writing skills, and "get out there more." I've been writing mostly fiction stories...

Nick Sauers


My name is Nick Sauers. I am a Freshman and I write for Holt Tribe for the class Intro to Journalism. Since a young age, I have enjoyed writing and been complimented on my writing abilities. I enjoy writing news articles for this...

RJ Smith


Hi. I'm R.J. Smith. I have two baby brothers and they're my world. I love writing because it helps me deal with the hard things in life. I'm not very good at it, but I try my best.

Matthew Fisher


Hey. My name is Matthew Fisher. I’m a Freshman and this is my first year writing for Holt Tribe. I'm in Intro to Journalism with Ms. Swanson. I enjoy playing guitar and reading. I listen to a lot of music and play Xbox. I a...

Kymberly Francis


Hi! I’m Graciela Kymberly Francis, but I go by Kymberly because Graciela is a family name. I’m a freshman. My mom is from Mexico and my dad was born in the U.S. so I’m Mexican-American. I am in color guard and I love performing....

Sydney Reddin


My name is Sydney Reddin and I am a Sophomore at Holt High school. I play varsity basketball and I like to spend a lot of time with my family and friends. I also like to write because it gives you a place to get all of your thoughts...

Lizzie Barrale


Hello, my name is Lizzie Barrale I am in a freshman at Holt High School. I decided to sign up for journalism when I noticed the amount of interest I have in writing. I love being able to express my opinion as well as expressin...

Jarah Hoffmann


Hi, my name is Jarah Hoffmann. This is my first year at Holt, and I play on the JV softball team. I graduate in 2023, I have one sibling and four cats. I love softball, and I hope to write impactful articles for Holt in the future!

Cheyenne Johnson


Hello! My name is Cheyenne Johnson. I am a sophomore at Holt High school. I am on the JV Holt Winter Guard and I love listening to music and I’m in choir. I’m a very shy person but once you get to know me and I get comfor...

Grace Peters


Hello, my name is Grace Peters and I am in Ms. Swanson’s Intro to Journalism class. I am a freshman here at Holt who enjoys reading and writing in my free time. I also love baking and spending time with friends and family. W...

Chloe Gee


Hey! My name is Chloe Gee, but go simply by Lo most often. I love hiking and climbing trees, the only scenarios where I’m out of the house. I’ve taken up hobbies in drawing digitally and in writing, particularly in report...

Quinn Kelly


Hello , My name is Quinn Kelly. I am a freshman here Holt. I love to play basketball and I like playing video games in my free time. I am excited to write articles for Holt.

Hailey Thomeczek


My name is Hailey Thomeczek. I am a freshman at Holt High School. I swim and my favorite subject is math because it challenges me. I like writing because it's a way to inform the outside world about things they may not know if...

Lillian Bookout

Photo Editer

I am a sophomore. My hobbies include writing, photography, and dance.

Adian Kline

This is my first year of the magazine and it has been a blast. I hope to write stories that will intrigue people to read and improve my writing through this year

Ellie Kleffner

Copy Editor

Hello, my name is Ellie Kleffner. I am a freshman this year at Holt and I love it here so much! I enjoy seeing people smile everyday as I walk through the hallways of the school. I enjoy writing stories about many ideas that c...

Anabelle Morris

Copy Editor

Hello, my name is Anabelle Morris. I am a junior here at Holt. I enjoy playing paintball and snuggling with my puppy. Also, I like to hang out with my friends in my free time. I have always used writing as a way to cope with different...

Emily Teismann

Copy Editor

Hi, everyone. I'm Emily (though some of you might know me as E, Em, Mom, Grannie, etc). I’m part of Class 2021. My hobbies include drawing, reading, writing, and being my sarcastic, weird self. I’m a self proclaimed nerd an...

Aspen Deslongchamps

Design Editor

I'm Aspen Deslongchamps. I'm a part-time writer, reader, artist, and a full-time karate chick. When I'm not practicing karate, you can find me reading fat books, watching "Lord of the Rings", doing TONS of homework, hugging my...

Alec Reeves

Design Editor

This is my second year in Magazine Design Editor of the Magazine Aspiring Artist and Journalist Junior and Class of 2020  

Mic Beedy

Sports Editor

Well hi! I'm Mic Beedy and I'm a Junior at Holt. I'm a huge Portland Thorns and USWNT fan. I play soccer here at Holt and for club. I also run cross country and track. I can't wait to see where this year takes us!

Jacob Rothenberger

Online Editor

This is my third year in Magazine. I am a junior and I run track and field for Holt. I strive to help promote and improve Holt's Magazine as it's online editor.

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