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Aspen Deslongchamps
I'm Aspen Deslongchamps. I'm a part-time writer, reader, artist, and a full-time karate chick. When I'm not practicing karate, you can find me reading fat books, watching "Lord of the Rings", doing TONS of homework, hugging my cat, Raven, or rolling natural 20's in Dungeons and Dragons. I can speak English (duh), French, and Tolkien's Elvish, and I can also write in Anglo-Saxon. I love languages, maps, dictionaries/encyclopedias, pirates, dragons and cats. I love the color purple. I love making karate forms, too. I hope people listen to my many ideas, and I want people to see me as the intelligent, imaginative visionary that I am. My goal is to make a difference here at Holt... whether it be from making things so much better, or by leaving a lasting impact forever.

Aspen Deslongchamps, Design Editor

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Aspen Deslongchamps