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  • November 30Boys Varsity Basketball vs. Lutheran North - Troy Ninth Grade Center, 7:00
  • November 19Girls Basketball JV FZS Invitational - Fort Zumwalt South, 7:00
Lauren Johnson

My name is Lauren Johnson, I am a junior here at Holt. This is my second year in Magazine. I knew I wanted to join this class when I started to write a lot. I get my inspiration for writing from YouTube, news, music, and previous books I have read. Some things about me are that I have two cats, Bandit and Gracie. I am in the Holt Highschool Color Guard. I enjoy dancing and listening to K-pop. In the future, I hope to pursue being a music artist, and an author. I can not wait to see what this school year has in-stored.

Lauren Johnson, Photo Editor

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