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2017-2018 Staff

Megan Thompson


**Class of 2020**Hello, my name is Megan. This is my first year on the magazine staff. I like musicals, cartoons, and writing. My favorite after-school club is Audacious Authors.

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Lexi Pettit


I'm Lexi Pettit and this is my first year in magazine! I'm very excited to see what the year brings and the new stories I'll bring to the Tribe. I'm excited to write new stories that students will enjoy to read. I am a senior...

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Tori Payeur


Hello I am Tori! I am a senior and this is my first year being on magazine. My hope for this year is to write things that get students excited. I love the feeling of community in magazine, and this year is going to be so much...

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Brooke Ginger

Design Editor

Hi!! As this year's Design editor, and 2nd year Magazine (then Newspaper) student, I am thrilled to be back and working for the school's press. I love writing, reading, and drawing things, coincidentally perfect for my job, and...

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Layla Wilmesherr


I'm a junior at Holt, proudly taking on my first year as a staff member of The Tribe. I'm thrilled to be a part of the foundation for the new magazine and to have the privilege to build upon this website. Music and space consume...

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Alec Reeves


//Transgender FTM// //Class of 2020// This is my first year of working for The Tribe. I´m a sophomore. I love writing, drawing cartoons, and archery. One of my favorite things I´ve written is an article about homecoming

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Anna Ramsey


I am a senior at Holt and this is my first year on The Tribe Staff. I love to do graphic design and I'm almost always photoshopping something whenever I have free time. I love music, and I play the marimba in Holt's marching band....

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Lillian Bancroft


Senior at Holt. I've been working in music journalism for almost two years now. I own my own music business based in St. Louis and most of my life is dedicated to music, theater and reporting. I am passionate about what I write...

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Mic Beedy

Sports Editor

Well hi! I'm Mic Beedy and I'm a sophomore at Holt. I'm a huge Portland Thorns and USWNT fan. Soccer is my passion and you can always find me training at some field or basement. I'm also involved in audacious authors, cross country,...

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Brittany Conley

Associate Editor

I have been working on the Tribe since Sophmore year, and each year I love it more and more. I am a senior this year and am excited to see what my last year brings. I love writing the hard hitting topics and entertainment for...

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Jordyn Wallace


This year is my second on The Tribe staff, and once again I am so excited. I am a Senior at Holt this year and write more than I sleep. Being apart of the online site and our magazine is a huge privilege for me. Our staff is...

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Jacob Rothenberger


This is my first year in Magazine. I am a sophomore and I run track and field for Holt. I strive to help promote and improve Holt's Magazine in its first year of publication.

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Marcus Shontz


This is my first year on The Tribe. Some of my interests include, but not limited to; music, driving, video games, writing, and many more. I spend a lot of time helping or being a part of productions for Theater plays, and currently...

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Jessica Rothenberger

Editor in Chief

~Co Editor-in-Chief~ ~StuCo / Thespians / NHS~ ~Class of 2018 / SEMO Bound ~ This is my 2nd year in Publications and my goal for the year is to create a Magazine that the student body is excited to read.

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Logan Fisher


I take photos for the year book and news paper and online news . If you see me walking around with my camera i am problem doing something for one of those classes so if you want your photo in the year book or news just let me...

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Paige Pieper

Online Editor

This is my second year on The Tribe Staff and I am a junior. Journalism is my passion and I am thrilled to be this year's online editor. I run our journalism social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter. I am a cheerleader and...

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Maggie Poronto


I am the girl you hear yelling in the halls about anything I am feeling particularly indignant or discontent about. Listen closely, and you will hear me jumping on a soapbox about anything from politics to eyeliner. As a senior...

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Elissa May

Editor in Chief

I am the girl that always has a camera in her hand. You can find me at most of the school events running around, taking pictures. This year is my second year in publications and now I am the Co-Editor in Chief of our school's...

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