Frankenstein Preview


The cast and crew work hard during rehearsal. Preparing for the upcoming March show.

Starting a new show can be a challenging process. With free flowing decisions being made, many eager thespians were hoping for dates and information about the pre announced show Matilda. Sadly, due to the effects of COVID-19, Matilda was not possible for 2021 spring production. 

“Although we weren’t expecting Frankenstein, we were just grateful for a show. I’ve heard about Frankenstein before, but I had never read the play so I am excited,” Greg Mose (21’) said.  

Although this may seem like a melancholy situation, we luckily were able to replace the show with the radio play production of Frankenstein. Frankenstein follows the classic story of Victor Frankenstein and the other characters from the beloved novel. As rehearsal speeds by, the cast and crew are eager to work together again. 

Both cast and crew are ready to get back to the theatre. Production has been coming along steadily, and everything is on schedule for the upcoming performances. With such an exciting event coming up, it’s hard to contain excitement. 

“I’m incredibly excited about Frankenstein. Everyday I’m excited for rehearsal,” Paris Heaver (22’) said.

This group of impressive young actors and actresses are as devoted as ever. Every rehearsal anyone can tell that every criticism or correction they take seriously. It’s a directioners job to bring out the best in their actors/actresses, and the improvement made in rehearsal is undeniable. 

“Every rehearsal I feel like I progress in some way or another. Mr.Milhous is a great director and awesome to work with,” Morgan Dunn (21’) said. 

Not only has the cast and crew been working hard. Many of Mr.Milhous’s tech classes have been assisting with the sets for the upcoming production. As plans start becoming real, many cast and crew members are ecstatic to see the set come together. 

Overall, with a fresh new script and an open mindset, the cast and crew of Frankenstein are working hard to produce an outstanding show. They hope that the audience is ready to experience the wondrous radio play.