Tiger Woods Injured in Car Accident


A crane is being used to lift up the SUV from a rollover accident in which belongs to Tiger Woods.

Rheanna Lewis, Reporter

Tuesday, February 23, Tiger Woods, a talented American golfer, got into a car accident. The accident took place in California and his SUV has rolled over giving him serious injuries to his legs.

Woods was driving early Tuesday morning on a winding residential road when his SUV hit a sign, a curb, crossed over two lanes of oncoming traffic, traveled down into a gully, and ended up drivers-side down. Everyone is thankful that Woods survived such an impact.

When first responders arrived on the scene, Woods was conscious. The first responders and their team said Woods was “awake” and “responsive.” Later that afternoon, Woods underwent hours of extensive surgery, but that’s not all. The injuries he is facing are severe, which leaves us many questions. Will he ever have a normal life and walk again? Can one of the world’s best-known athletes ever return to competitive golf?

This won’t be Woods’s first surgery. Just before last Christmas, Woods got his fifth back surgery. He has also had three knee operations. Each one, he has come back better than ever, but could that be the case this time? Lets hope.

Physical therapy will take months before he can get back on the fairway, but that’s only if his many surgeries go well. Woods actually expected 2021 to be the year of his comeback, but clearly, it’s going to have to be postponed for another year.

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