A Mental Health Checkpoint


A factor that could be contributing to poor mental health is overworking.

Sophie Meek, Design Editor

This past year has been a lot to handle for everyone, and it is very important that we are taking care of ourselves, not just physically, but mentally too. If I had to pick one good thing that has come out of this whole pandemic, I would have to say mental health being taken more seriously. It is so important that we are not burning ourselves out, and that we maintain a support system, especially with school. Consider this a checkpoint, I will provide tips and affirmations that may help if you’re struggling. 

The first tip I have to offer is take a break, if you are feeling overwhelmed forcing yourself to do work is only going to make it worse. It will seem so much easier if you take a step back and breathe for a moment. This could also provide you some time for you to polan out when you are going to complete some of your work. Your work will also be so much better because you will not feel as pressured.

Another tip that I have is to look up some breathing techniques, anxiety can creep up on you in an instant, and can heavily affect your breathing and your focus. In some cases it can cause people to hyperventilate to the point where their muscles are not getting enough oxygen and their limbs go numb. This can manifest in many different ways but having a really good breathing technique can help you get it under control.

Finally, it is okay to ask for help, there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for a support system. We live in a world where people will try to make you feel like it is your fault that you are feeling like this but it is not your fault. It doesn’t have to be a therapist, or a professional, even just letting family of friends know that you’re struggling can help a lot. 

I would like to end this by saying, you are wonderful, you are trying so hard and that is so amazing. Celebrate small victories as they come, it’s not easy to get out of these dark phases, but it won’t last forever.