Our State Champs!


March 9 and 12 will be a great day for wrestlers, filled with both worry and joy. State Championships. For some, this will be a new experience; for others not so much, but it’s still an exciting experience.

I, for one, am extremely excited about the championship, not because I don’t play the sport, it’s because a lot of them are so young in high school already accomplishing a big goal. After interviewing the players, it is clear that the wrestling are excited and have high expectations.

“I’ve been wrestling for nine years. I have been to state once before, freshman year. I accomplish my goal with hard work and dedication, and yes ,I do think I’m gonna win, and yes I’m mentally prepared,” Andrew Peppin (23) said.

As well as mental preparation, the athletes have to be mindful of what they eat. They have to stay within their weight class and this is something that new wrestlers worry about.

“I’ve been wrestling for one year. I haven’t been to state before. I just worked hard to accomplish state, and yes I believe I’m prepared,”Colin Bunner (22) said.

Some of the wrestlers who qualified for state are just freshman. Logan Rubenstein is one of those freshman.

“This is my first time going to state. I accomplished this goal by surrounding myself with the right people and through hard work. I do believe we will do well,”Logan Rubenstein (24) said.

Now let’s move onto the girls wrestling team and see how they are feeling about their state qualifications.

“I’ve been wrestling for four years, and I have been to state before, both freshman and sophomore year. I feel it’s a 50/50 chance of winning,”Reese Compton (’22) said.

Although Maria Slaughter placed second place last year, she has another chance and this year, she is hoping for first place.

“This is my sixth year of wrestling. I went to State before last year, and I placed second. I do think we’re gonna win, and I’m mentally prepared,” Maria Slaughter (’23) said.

For some, this is their final year to get a chance at state. Monica Thies (’21) gets her chance as a senior.

“I have been wrestling for four years now, but this is my first time going to state. If I’m being honest, I do not think I’m gonna win, because I’m not mentally prepared right now, but I still have time,” Thies said.

Well, there we have it. We, unfortunately, couldn’t find the other interviews of the team, but I do feel like this is perfect. That’s all for now. Good Luck Champs!