St. Louis is Open for Business

Many places in St. Louis, for instance Six Flags, are opened with COVID-19 restrictions

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Many places in St. Louis, for instance Six Flags, are opened with COVID-19 restrictions

Leah Huitt, Writer

Many attractions in the St. Louis area, especially in St. Louis County have been shut down or have limited capacity due to COVID-19. However, some of your favorite places are still open for business and fun, with some safety restrictions of course.

Two of the most popular attractions, the St. Louis Zoo and Six Flags St. Louis are still awaiting your arrival. The county of St. Louis requires masks just about everywhere therefore you are required to wear them at those listed attractions too. No big deal though, you could still have an exciting day in the city.

“It [St. Louis Zoo] didn’t feel normal because I’m used to just going to the zoo without a mask and having to social distance,” Serena Landry(24) said. “It was the first time I went to the zoo with the pandemic going on.”

To ensure safety, many attractions require reservations prior to the day you want to visit so that the area does not get over crowded. Places like the City Museum and The Arch do not require reservations but do still have a face mask mandate.

“It was still a bit odd to have to reserve a spot at least a day before,” Landry said.

It is a bit complicated to require people to social distance in busy areas, however there are lots of social distancing signs, stickers and painted details requesting you to at least try. Some places, including small local shops, for instance, Maypop Coffee and Garden Shop, ask that you wear a face MASK instead of a bandana or neck gaiter, as those do not provide much safety for others because they only apply one layer.

To most people’s surprise, spring break this year has been way less strict than last year. That is something to be extremely grateful for if you were able to go out of town, state or just around the city and hanging out with friends.

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