New and Upcoming Additions to Wentzville

Wentzville is not the rural town it used to be.

Aspen Deslongchamps, Co Editor-In-Chief

For the past ten or so years, the city of Wentzville has been booming and growing. From a rural, humble farming town; to the populous, busy city that we enjoy. As Wentzville expands its horizons and boundaries, more and more people flock here to live and work. As people move in, buildings, restaurants, stores, and hangouts are planned and built in the newer (and sometimes older) parts.

Although many traffic issues arise, the Wentzville Police Department collaborates with construction companies and road planners to ensure that the least number of accidents happen (as possible). They offer ways for citizens to submit suggestions on how they can make Wentzville a safer place for drivers.

Many citizens of Wentzville look forward to the new Rec Plex that is being built just off Wentzville Parkway, in the property just in front of the Great Oaks subdivision. There will be a swimming pool, gym, basketball courts, and an indoor track as well. This will make Wentzville an ideal place for athletes and people to travel to train and compete.

This is not the only thing that will be built in this location, however. Many restaurants such as Freddy’s and Crazy Bowls & Wraps will be placed there as well. In addition, multiple walkable shopping strips will be built up there. Wentzvillians are expected to be very excited to have more places to shop and hang out.

On the other side of Wentzville, however, a Syberg’s restaurant is being placed. They are known for their bar and grill, as well as many seafood options.

There are many restaurants that are already open that are new as well, such as Junction House, next to the newer Sugarfire.