Travel During Covid


A popular vacation spot for people in the U.S. are the various beaches of florida.

Sophie Meek, Design Editor

Spring has officially sprung, and so has everyone’s desires to go on vacation to get away from this crazy unpredictable Missouri weather. Though our spring break is over, many other districts and universities are still currently on their break. There have been thousands of people traveling all over the country and some are even planning on traveling internationally either now or over summer. But what are the guidelines for travel during COVID? What new rules are going to be in place in other countries in order to enter them?

Now that most countries have access to a vaccine, international travel is starting back up again. Though you do not have to have a vaccine in order to travel internationally, is it highly recommended that you do have your shot in order to lower your risk. If you do have your shot, it is recommended that you still follow covid guidelines, like wearing a mask, social distancing etc.

Traveling in the country is mostly the same, though covid guidelines will vary from state to state, it is still recommended that you are either vaccinated or are following the rules of whatever state you are in. If you are going anywhere, international or not unvaccinated, the CDC highly suggests that you get a COVID test when you get back and quarantine for seven days at least. If you cannot get tested or choose not to, the CDC recommends extending the quarantine to ten days instead of seven. 

This pandemic has been happening for over a year now, and everyday progress is being made towards being able to return to normal. Following all safety guidelines while traveling is paramount to this progress and the wellbeing of others.