April Showers Bring Blizzards?


Aspen Deslongchamps

An abrupt snowstorm swept across the midwest, shocking several students and teachers.

Around 24 hours prior to the snowfall, climate projections gave indications that it was 100% going to happen. However, it’s April so most people did not want to believe it in any way, shape or form.

All things considered, on April 20 it snowed. Snow can be a fun thing to play in, but when the flowers start to bloom and Daylight Savings passes, people just want it to be summer. So, when it started snowing yesterday, the students had mixed feelings.

For some, it was refreshing. One of the reasons may have been because the weathermen predicted it would be very short lived and the cold was not here to stay.

“I feel great, I love it,” Charlotte Olson (‘23) said.

Others were not so happy about the crazy change in temperature.

“I hate it, plus it reminds me of the cold weather,” Maria Slaughter (‘23) said.

Missouri is known for its crazy weather, but that did not make it an easier for some.

“I hate it,” Angel Huelskamp (‘23) said. “[Snow] is cold and it’s April! It was 80 degrees the other day!”

Even snow-lovers were not too happy about this unexpected surprise either.

“It’s cool, I guess, but not in April,” Ava Montgomery (‘23) said. 

Indeed, once in a while it snows in April, and the weathermen did report a 100% possibility of seeing a touch of snow across the metro region. Fortunately, the snow did not remain on the streets or cause any sort of genuine wrecks. There are only 11 recorded snowfalls in April in the St. Louis area since the 1870s.

“I don’t have feelings towards it, just another snowy day, just really weird because it’s Spring,” Chloe Bryan (‘23).

The biggest concern for most is the crops, the flowers and the Morel mushrooms, but hopefully it did not last long enough to affect them. Luckily, the warmth will be back.

“I just think that it’s really crazy because it’s April and it was like 70 degrees yesterday,” Lauren Bennett (‘23).

The temperature in St. Louis will take a major plunge throughout the following days. The National Weather Service says that temperatures will fall into the upper 20s to low 30s both Wednesday and Thursday morning.

Furthermore, however, a “hard freeze” (temperature under 28 degrees Fahrenheit for at any rate a couple of hours) isn’t normal in the St. Louis metro, but spring is here and we can look forward to warmer temperatures this weekend and even temperature into the 80s next week.