Awarded with Silver and Gold


Courtesy of Public Relations

The band students who received gold ratings all posed for a photo together.

Leah Huitt, Writer

Many Holt musicians participated in the MSHSAA State Solo and Ensemble Festival and we are pleased to announce that a great number of students received gold and silver on their submitted performances. This year the festival was held virtually, allowing students to submit their most impressive videos filmed at school.

Twenty of Holt’s participants received gold on their instrumental or choral solos and ensemble groups.These categories can range from flute and saxophone solos to concert vocal ensembles. Holt also had 17 MSHSAA participants that received a silver rating on their performances.

Music is most definitely a passion of mine,” gold title winner Anna Hermann(’24) said. “Playing an instrument is like learning a language. There is always room for improvement and learning music helps make connections with people I would not have been able to before. Expressing myself through music is the most amazing experience. I think that music is more than accuracy; it’s emotion, friendship.”

Music can help students focus, or escape their reality. Showing off their talents in just a plus, especially if you are rewarded.

“While it’s not about the awards given – it should be about improvement and feedback – it is so nice to see students get recognized for their hard work,” Jacob England, Holt’s band director said.”Given that this year’s events were evaluated at the State level, which has very high standards, each student should feel proud of their accomplishments no matter the rating.”

Students received their ratings based on how well they performed. We luckily had so many amazing artists that many received such good ratings.

Congratulations to our award winners:

Flute – Trinity Harris

Flute – Anna Hermann

Clarinet – Sean Morlock

Clarinet – Alexandra Snell

Alto Saxophone – Lauryn Budde

Alto Saxophone – Megan Steber

Euphonium – Kaela Baker

Tuba – Dominique Burgette

Tuba – Bryce Herin

Flute Trio – Tyler Miller, Trinity Harris, Courtney Thake

Clarinet Trio – Sean Morlock, Adison Mosher, Brandon Andell

Saxophone Trio – Lauryn Budde, Caleb Gee, Blake Fink

Saxophone Trio – Victoria Hammock, Kameron Trimble, Natalie Liss

Saxophone Quartet – Megan Steber, Debra Witte, Andrew Frecks, Caleb Gee

The Concert Mens Ensemble – Kolby Bryant, Boston Dudley, Donavan Harwood, Colin Kehoe, Brendan Todaro, Noah VanGundy, Aden Hicks, Theo Hanson

Vocal Solo – Chloe Bryan

Vocal Solo – Theo Hanson

Vocal Solo – Aden Hicks

Vocal Solo – Raegan Huitt

Vocal Solo – Izzy Jennings

Clarinet – Brandon Andell

Clarinet – Adison Mosher

Alto Saxophone – Caleb Gee

Tenor Saxophone – Blake Fink

Tenor Saxophone – Andrew Frecks

French Horn – Sydney Cowan 

French Horn – Samantha Crouch 

French Horn – Macy Steber

Trombone – Katelyn Downey

Trombone – Lila Sverdrup

Marimba – Madison Wieberg

The Chamber Ladies Ensemble – Hailey Ernst, Katie Esswein, Kamryn Evans, Allyson Harwood, Kylie Woodard, Aleah Adams, Camryn Bland, Izzy Jennings

Piano Solo – Colin Kehoe

Vocal Solo – Kolby Bryant 

Vocal Solo – Camryn Bland 

Vocal Solo – Aiyana Hussong 

Vocal Solo – Noah VanGundy