Dissension and Confusion with “Super-Straight”

So much controversy can start from one video…


Courtesy of Creative Commons

The new term “super-straight” and its meaning causes much harm to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Within the past couple of months a new sexuality has been created called “Super Straight.” This means a cisgendered heterosexual person would not date a transgender person because they are not a “real woman” or “real man.” It is difficult to tell if this is an attack against the LGBTQIA+ community.

“People will jump hurdles just so they don’t seem transphobic,” Kayla Kitchens said. ” If you don’t want to date a trans person because you don’t like their physical appearance or personality, that’s one thing. But not dating a trans person specifically because they are trans is transphobia. Renaming it “super straight” doesn’t erase that, it just makes the straight person feel better about their transphobia.”

All of this started with one measly Tik Tok and someone being tired of negative backlash on their opinion. Tiktoker Kyle Royce went to the unnecessary extent because he was tired of being called transphobic.

People may not define trans people as real men or women, but only because of the physical characteristics they were born with.

“It’s a rabbit hole,” Kitchens said. “The “super straight” people have enough self awareness to have realized they’re in the wrong and to reclassify themselves so they don’t sound as bad, but not enough to come to the realization that trans men are men, and trans women are women.”

As counterintuitive as this sounds, it is being taken extremely seriously and has been posted on all major social media platforms. Whether it is a joke or not, this dramatic incident is being taking differently by so many people.

“There is no such thing as ‘super-straight’,” Vanessa Jennerjohn (’24) said. “It’s just a trend going around for cisgender and heterosexual people who are so insecure in their sexuality that they won’t date a trans person. They claim that they are only attracted to “real” men or women, which is exactly what trans people are.”

Yes, it is normal to have a genital preference. However, discriminating against someone for not identifying as the gender they were assigned with at birth is just uncanny.

Those who call themselves “super-straights” try to consider themselves apart of the LGBTQIA+ community, but shouldn’t be considered a part of it purely because their whole sexuality counters the goals of the community and is the opposite.

“The term LGBTQIA+ is a positive one to me,” Jeremy Ward said. “Super straight has a negative connotation that I think is against the hope of what the term LGBTQIA+ represents. Each person has the right to their own person as the fundamental basis of their humanity,” Ward said. “In fact, that last sentence is what LGBTQIA+ means to me.”

Many of those a part of the LGBTQIA+ community have strong negative opinions about this new idea of sexuality. The reasoning is good too. People don’t choose to be gay, straight, trans, or however they identify. They were born that way, and sadly only some are able to be safely proud of it.

The original TikTok was taken down. However, many have saved it and posted it on Youtube others to see. Kyle Royce, the creator’s account was banned from TikTok with 300,000 followers.