Melodies Across Holt


After a multitude of disruptions due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the rise of online/virtual concerts and musicals, going to a concert or musical in person now is not the same as it was before, especially for those who have never been to a concert or musical before. However, since the recent summer break, there have been many artists going on tour. Artists such as Harry Styles and Olivia Rodrigo went on tour and many musicals, such as Six and Hamilton, have also been performing around the country. However, what have students at Holt recently seen?

“I went to ‘Jurassic Park The Musical’ [recently] … There weren’t a lot of people since it was like a community theater,” said Miranda Burkhart (‘25). “But it was super cool and the music was really good. There were a lot of people who had a lot of different skills and they were all really good actors.”

Some students remembered the energy in the crowd as they enjoyed the show with other concert goers.

“I went to a OneRepublic concert recently … It was quite chaotic. A lot of the people around us would randomly pull us to dance with them. It was really fun though, I’ve never seen so many people get so hyped for the most random songs,” said Bug Scott.

It is quite obvious that music plays an important role in students’ lives, from helping them focus to simple enjoyment after a long day of school.

“I listen to Taylor Swift. I think at first when she first came out she started writing a lot of long songs and now she’s expanded her music perspective and lyrics,” said Sidney Crockett. “My favorite song is ‘Lie’ by NF.”

“I really like a lot of music artists like, Hello Johnson, twenty one pilots, Childish Gambino, and Arctic Monkeys,” said Lillian Proffer. “My favorite song currently is ‘Lovers Rock’ by TV Girl.”

About 53% of students at Holt have gone to see a concert or musical show recently according to a survey.

Most popular music artists at Holt high school