First Impressions of E-Hallpass

Holt has a new hall pass system this year: E-Hallpass.


All students need to do is log in to the website, select their location and then select their destination. 


Hall monitors and administrators then track how long they are out of class.


It’s the first change to Holt’s hall pass system in a while, so what prompted the change?


Assistant Principal Melissa Davis listed a few specific reasons.


“(Administration is) trying to limit the amount of students who are out and bathrooms and things like that at a certain time,” Davis said.”(It) also solves (the problem of) students simply wandering the halls aimlessly.”


Students are eager to share their thoughts on the new system.


Key’Shauwn Bennett (‘23) called eHallpass simply more convenient.


“We don’t have to wait until somebody comes in and gives us a hall pass,” Bennett said. “We can just do it from our laptop. It’s quick, easy and reliable.”


Tabitha Scott (‘26) said that it fixes the problem of people going to the bathroom and never coming back.


“It’s been an easier way to get students to go to the bathroom and come back on time. Because without E-Hallpass, most students would probably just stay in the bathroom or not come back to class,” Scott said.


The response to the E-Hallpass has been mostly positive, but, like everything in life, it could use some improvements.


Scott also said the system was a bit stressful at times. 


Keily Nolan (‘26) believes that it fixes the problem of teachers not remembering which bathroom their student asked to go to.


“There’s not very much confusion, because your teachers know which bathroom you’re going to,” Nolan said. 


However, Nolan also said there was one thing that could be improved.


“I don’t like that we only have two passes,” Nolan said. “(I don’t like how) if your pass expires it counts as a pass. So you’ll only have one pass left.”


When asked about the E-Hallpass, students said they have mixed emotions. Some students thought that it was beneficial. They believe that it is simply quicker, easier, and more reliable, while also fixing many problems that have been plaguing the school for years. 


Some people, on the other hand, believe that it wasn’t as beneficial as we first thought. They don’t like the fact that we have a limit on how many passes we are allowed to use a day. They also don’t like the fact that every pass has a timer on it as well.


What are your thoughts? Click the link below to share your thoughts on the E-Hallpass. Your feedback may be shared with Mr. Standish and Mrs. Davis.