Breakfast Club


Brenden Cox, Photo Editor

Have you ever heard of Holt’s Breakfast Club? 


Breakfast club is a bit different then what you may expect. The whole point of Breakfast Club is to simply eat cereal and have fun.


“The club is just so that people can have an open space to enjoy some breakfast with friends.  People come in, grab some cereal, find a place to sit, listen to some music, and converse with each other,” Science Teacher Alicia Hirschbuehler said.


 Rather than having the same old cereal each week they try to switch it up. 


“Each month we try to have a new type of cereal. This month we had Cheerios (did you know they have a pumpkin spice cheerio?), Xtreme (cinnamon roll cereal and cosmic brownie cereal exist), and Halloween cereal (anything Halloween based),” Hirschbuehler said.


It can also be very helpful for those who may not be able to have or afford breakfast. 


According to Abigail Crawford (‘25), “It’s a free alternative to the school’s breakfast for kids who can’t afford breakfast, or didn’t get the chance to eat in the morning. So they don’t have to go to their classes on an empty stomach,” Crawford said. 


 If you’re worried about people being super serious about their cereal there’s no need to worry.


It’s a goofing off kind of environment. Nothing too stiff. It’s a tight knit community with the teacher and everyone who goes there,” Crawford said.


Breakfast club doesn’t happen everyday, so you should get some free cereal when you have the chance. “Cereal Club is open EVERY Wednesday between 6:40-7:15.  Students can come and go as they please and bring friends/different people with them,” Hershibuler said. 


If your wondering where it will be held, It will always be in Mrs. Hirschbuehlers’ room, A416. 


 Cereal club is an overall fun club experience for those who simply want to eat cereal and talk with some friends.