Holt Cross Country: The Home Stretch

How long do you think it would take for you to run two miles? For JV runner Daniela Hartman (26), that would be about eighteen minutes. However, Hartman is just one of several talented runners who served an incredible season of cross country here at Holt through talent and strong will. Despite the challenges they may have faced this season, the truth is that with a good sense of team spirit and a bond that brings strength will conquer, from meets to invitationals. 


photo by Trotter

The players all bring strengths that facilitate excellence not by strength of one, but strength of a team of people bringing their talents together to aid in a truly memorable season. “I think I bring speed and my favorite thing is the runners,” Brandon Bingelli (‘25) said. This strength doesn’t just contribute to Bingelli’s record, but the success of the whole team. While some players bring strengths to contribute to the unified goal of success and comradery, others reflect upon what they have learned and how to truly pursue success within races. “I feel like my time has gotten better and I’ve run better than before,” Selina Yang (‘23) said. Yang has been in cross country for all four years of high school. In regard to her strengths on the team, Headley said that, “I am determined and I work hard.” Determination and mental strength bring just as much, if not more to the success of any one team of players, and this mental backing combined with team comradery truly helped this season be one of the best in Holt history.


An important part of any successful team is working together. Cheering each other on, discussing methods and swapping strategies and even bonding outside the presence of sports help facilitate a good bond, and therefore create success. Bingelli (‘25) responded that his favorite aspect of cross country is, “having friends on the team.” While friends start in association with the sport, involvement in sports has the potential to facilitate real bonds that last far longer than any season. “We’re better than any other year, everyone is super close and we hang out after practice,” Brooke Headley (‘25) said. Headley has been involved in cross country for three years. From window painting to bow making, the team synergy has not just evolved the team but also created bonds and facilitated friendships.


As one of the first sports, cross country belongs to the sports that kick off Holt’s athletic year and fall season, and this year’s cross country season shows the spirit of Holt athleticism through the team’s strength through rough patches and how they help one another in the presence of such challenges.




JV Boys: Ryan Bushart, 17:55.20


JV Girls: 

Daniela Hartman, 19:09.70 

Selina Yang, 19:33.40

Lily Kossman, 20:04.60


Varsity Boys:

Fritz Schoenholz, 12:11.50

Brandon Bingelli, 13:26.90

Nathan Chamberlain, 13:45.30


Varsity Girls (3rd overall):

Elizabeth Shaw: 13:37.80 – Medalist

Megan Kinnary: 14:48.90 – Medalist

Yulissa Morales: 15:16.40 – Medalist

Samantha Wainscott: 15:37.70

Jenna Jarrett: 16:42.60




JV Boys (2 mile):

Ben Dolson: 15:15.14

Ryan Bushart: 17:19.70


JV Girls (2 mile):

Daniela Hartman: 18:09.23 – Medalist

Selina Yang: 18:22.56 – Medalist

Lily Kossman: 19:00.59 – Medalist


Varsity Boys (5K):

Fritz Schoenholz: 19:43.90 – Medalist

Ian Jenkins: 21:51.87

Owen Thompson: 22:00.28

Nathan Chamberlain: 22:16.75


Varsity Girls:

Elizabeth Shaw: 22:12.18 – Medalist

Yulissa Morales: 24:18.98 – Medalist

Samantha Wainsc

ott: 25:23.55 – Medalist

Jenna Jarrett: 28:40.75


photos by Trotter