Pink Night

“Some things are bigger than sports.”


Brenden Cox, Photo Editor

Pink Night is a special night for many people created to spread a positive message about breast cancer awareness. “Pink night is basically a night to let everyone know that they aren’t fighting their battle alone,” Ava Chase (‘24) said.

It is also a tradition that Holt has used as a way to use our rivalry with Timberland for a good cause. “The event was started in 2010 as a way for Holt and Timberland to combine their efforts and use our rivalry to raise money for breast cancer,” Stuco sponsor Erin Chase said.

Audrey Stanfill (‘24) said the reason why Holt still keeps this tradition going is because of its positive impact on so many people and families.

“There’s always people to support and raise money for and help,” Stanfill said.

However, this year’s annual pink night basketball game will be a bit different.

“It’s an away game for us when we play Timberland,” Chase said, “so they will be the ones planning the Pink Night.”

According to Chase, the money for this Pink Night game will go toward a Timberland student named Leah Wilmsmeyer (‘23) who has been affected by breast cancer.

Wilmsmeyer has also posted to her Instagram about her experience in remission. She credits her faith in God as her main motivation to keep fighting.

“Since cancer is very unpredictable, it made it very hard to try and do normal things without sitting and worrying about all the unknown. There was one thing I was sure of though, and that is that God is always constant,” Wilmsmeyer said in a post on Oct. 30.

“Though my journey was fairly short compared to most, my body has been put through a lot physically and mentally. Yet I’ve never felt stronger in my faith.”

The basketball game will be held at Timberland on Friday, Dec. 16. The girls basketball game will be at 5:30 p.m., and the boys game will be at 7:00 p.m. If you have the chance go cheer on our team in pink to raise money for the family in need because some things are bigger than sports.

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