Dance ‘Til You Drop


Avery Scanlon, Social Media Manager

Holt’s dance team is off to a great start this season, with the 16 members of the team performing fantastically for the student body. Recently, the dance team performed in a showcase at North Point High School on Nov. 19 and impressed the viewers with their amazing choreography and skills. Throughout the choreography, The close bond between the girls can be seen as they are synced in music and mind. The team also shows that they have a real connection with their audience, leading chants throughout the football season along with the cheer team. The girls will continue their outstanding performance even after the football season is over Through their outstanding performance, they will continue to show the student body that they are as close as family.

“Well, a lot of us have been on the team together since our freshman year. So I’d say we are pretty close. There’s a lot of inside jokes. There’s a lot of just little things I mean, we are like a family,” the team captain, Mariah Schultz (‘23) said.

When Shultz was asked what it is like being caption, she said “It means being the person who is the one that’s willing to do anything for her team, be the person that’s the first one to arrive and the last one to leave. someone that cares about her team and is just there to help everybody succeed.” Schultz said. Schultz is a prime example for now much this team cares about each other. This can be see in every dance that they do. Time can only prove how amazing the dance season will be for the team and Holt cannot wait to see them grow even more!