Improv Night @ Timberland


As the lights shined on Timberland’s stage, both Holt and Timberlands students prepared to wow the audience with their comedic skills while improvising on the spot.


The improv show was simply a friendly competition between Timberland and Holt. Both Timberland and Holt have improv classes and for the past month or so they both have been working on sketches and practicing improv games to perform on show night.


“It was about just showing off the skills that we learned throughout our time in class, and how to properly improvise,” Josephine Welker (‘25) said. “We also had to write and practice our own skits and also practice the improv games over and over again until we had a really good understanding of what the games were.” 


There were three different types of improv games that happened throughout the night. They were Office Excuses, Party Quirk, and Dating Game. 


 The first game that was played was Office Excuses. 


“Where there will be one person playing the boss while another person plays the employer,” Bethaney Streckfuss (‘23) said, “and they have to come up with a reason for why they were late and the people behind the boss come up for a reason why the employees were late.” 


“(In Party Quirk you) had to get the host and the audience to guess what your quirk was.”


“(The Dating Game would) have the guesser choose or understand which character we (the participants) were playing as,” Welker said.


Along with the improv games were the skits that the students came up with themselves. They had come up with two parody skits to perform that night. One of those skits was about Harry Potter and the other was about a controversial event that happened not too long ago, the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial.


The first skit was performed by Alyssa Bryant (‘23), Bug Scott (‘24), Oliver Ryberg (‘24) , Randi Carney (‘23), Sophia Binnix (‘23), and Josephine Welker (‘25). 


“It was about Harry and Ron hiding under the invisibility cloak and Draco catching them using the cloak and calling for Snape, but Hermione was able to make Snape fall asleep which allowed Harry and Ron to escape,” Bryant said when asked about her group’s skit.


The second skit was performed by Alyssa Eichelberger (‘23), Streckfuss, Abigail Crawford (‘25) and Kaylei Smith (‘24). 


“So we decided to create a trial mocking Johnny Depp and Amber Heard because there were so many funny things and situations in that trial that happened in real life, so we thought it was great material for a skit. So we just kind of put in just a bunch of internet jokes and it was really fun coming up with the arguments that these celebrities have had in real life.” Streckfuss said. 


The overall experience of the Improv show was a good one for everyone involved and allowed the students to put themselves outside their comfort zone and try something new.


“It was really fun and it was definitely a good learning experience with how to act up on the stage and also it felt really heartwarming that people actually found it funny and that we were doing stuff correctly in regards to improv,” Welker said.