Thanksgiving Cheer

Students share the importance of Thanksgiving and what side balances a Thanksgiving meal.


Some would say that Thanksgiving would be the holiday that brings everyone together. Friends and family would come together to celebrate this glorious holiday and enjoy turkey along with the savory sides.


Some students from holt were asked questions about thanksgiving and what is the main thing they like about thanksgiving.In the interviews it shows that the students mainly like thanksgiving because of time spent with family and the fun moments shared with each other.


Kamara Walls (‘24),Kamara Wash (‘25) and Ryann Zieglar (‘25) share a reasoning on why Thanksgiving is the time of the year when you can come together and spend time with the ones you love.


“I like Thanksgiving because you get to be around friends and family have have each others company,” Walls said.


“You get to be around your friends and family to enjoy of all of the good food,” Wash said.


“I like Thanksgiving because you get to be around your family,” Zieglar said


Students at Holt were also asked, On Thanksgiving day what would be a perfect side to balance out a Thanksgiving meal and why. Some students would prefer Mac and Cheese or others would prefer mashed potatoes.


Kamara Walls (‘24) and Kamara Wash (‘25) says that Mac and Cheese is the perfect side for a Thanksgiving meal because of the savory and warm texture when they take their first bite.


“Mac and Cheese would be the best side for Thanksgiving because of how cheesy and gooey it is,” Walls said.


“I like the Mac and Cheese because its the best side,Plus I like pasta and cheese,” Wash said.


Ryann Zieglar (‘25) likes Mashed Potatoes because it makes her feel warm and cozy on the inside.


“My favorite side is Mashed Potatoes because I like the gravy that goes with the meal,” Zieglar said.


Overall, each student had a different response to which side goes best with a Thanksgiving meal they all had the same input on why Thanksgiving is an important holiday and that’s the only thing that matters.