All Out, All Game, All Season


A total of six boys for Varsity Gold. Six for Varsity Silver. A total of 12 boys for an entire Varsity team. The boys tennis season at Holt High School is due to start in the Spring of 2023 but the team only has a chance of making it into the spring.

Brothers Kaden Evans (‘24) and Jace Evans (‘26) are excited for their season as well as confused on what to do if it’s canceled. The brothers have a few different goals for this year.

“[I want] to make a serve in,” Jace said.

“I want to win [ the Gateway Athletic Conference] and do well in districts,” said Kaden.

With the limited amount of players and leagues that are huge with many incredible players, the chance of them getting up high in the ranks is extremely slim. The team has done fairly good in the past. Over the past two years the team has had a record of 2 wins and 14 losses in the Spring of ‘21 and a record of 4 wins and 7 losses in the Spring of ‘22.

The team is composed of many boys from Juniors to Freshman who grow to have a brotherly bond during the season. This upcoming season the team has no Seniors who are interested which might cause a problem for this season.

Lucas Troung(‘24) shares his thoughts on the team and future outcomes as he talks about the upcoming season and friends. Troung believes that there are enough Juniors interested to be able to have a full team this year.

“You know I’d be kinda disappointing, but I think we will get enough people just to get a team because there are plenty of people in [eleventh grade] who play. It’s enough to make a team for next year,” Troung said.

Some players have been playing for as long as they can remember. While others Just play for fun.

“So I’ve been playing tennis like my whole life, ever since I grew up, and I originally wasn’t going to play, but then some of my friends were thinking about playing,” said Troung.

Troung has been playing since his father introduced him to the sport when he was 7 years old.

“Coach Arnold told me to play and my friends were also joining so I just kinda did,” said Mabry Madden (‘24).

“I joined because I was interested in the sport and wanted to try it out,”said Madden’s partner Kaden.

The boys on the team are all ready for this season to start. The team placed second in the GAC last year and are ready to take home first place and win state this year.