Jobs Can Affect Students Homework


The sight of stacked homework on the desk stresses students while ignoring the work and going to their job. This scene of procrastination may be because of long work hours. Some Holt High School students experience this. Does this scene look familiar to you?

Jobs can play a big role in procrastination. Students are not able to do homework because they have to go to their job.

For example, Elena Hines (‘25) works at Lion’s Choice and has troubles with homework.

“My schedule is quite busy so usually I don’t have time to do my homework or if I do, I end up staying up really late,” Hines said.

Most students rely on time after school, but Emma Murray (‘23) has a different strategy.

“I try to get most of my school work done like during school time so I don’t have to worry about it after school,” Murray said. “I can worry about my after school stuff with sports and [Home Goods] and friends if I have time for that.”

Sometimes the workload of homework and jobs affect how the student performs in class. It can make straight A students get C’s and D’s. Some jobs can be low on staff which makes the students work longer hours.
“If you are working late and you don’t have time to get your homework done, you don’t have time to study for your test because you’re at work. So I have seen where sometimes it impacts grades.” Counselor Shannon Mulcahy said.

Balancing school and a job can be stressful but it is also a responsibility because you now have money.

“I think it helps with just being responsible and having a little bit of your own money to know how that feels to, you know, use your own money to buy the things you want or pay bills,” Mulcahy said. “I think it is a good learning experience for students so I always encourage like a part-time job like junior or senior year.”

If you have a job or are thinking of getting one you will have to rely on your extra time. Procrastination is a common thing and can affect students’ workload and increase their stress.

If anyone is looking for a job, there is a board with jobs that are hiring in the student center. Remember it is good to take breaks.