Emotion in Expression


Self Expression is incredibly important to many. Especially in high school, everyone has at least a slight need to have something that sets them apart from the rest. And Holt High School is no exception.


A lot of students use music to find themself and what they like. Jakob Schneider (25’) is no exception. Music is so vast and everyone views it differently, and everyone has their own separate taste. 


“Through music,” says Schneider “A lot of music told me what I like.”


On top of that, everyone has a style and subculture that resonates specifically with them. For some people it’s dark tones, for others it’s light tones, and for some people it’s somewhere in between. Bug Scott (24’) had some things to say about how they express themself! 


“I love bright colors because they make people smile!” says Scott (24’)


“Through clothing and dying my hair” said Rae Lewis (25’) on their favorite ways to express themself. 


Hair dye is becoming an extremely popular form of self expression, as there are so many colors and combinations that you do, and your hair is so personal. Like music, everyone has their own preference and it’s special to everyone.


“It [self expression] lets people know who you are,” Schneider also stated. 


For without self expression, we would all just be cardboard cutouts of the same person. We wouldn’t have anything to talk about or bond over with each other. And life would be so incredibly gray. 


“I like to show people how I seem” said Lewis on why self expression is so important. 


“It helps me be my own person and explore who I am and the things I may love or hate.” Scott also stated on why self expression is so important to them. 


As we see from all of these amazing, unique people, self expression takes many, many different forms. And everyone has their own view on it and their own way of doing it. Self expression is like a fingerprint that you leave on the world, so make it count!