Benefits of Band


Holt High School offers various different electives that range from music to agriculture, physical activities, finance classes and many more to all of their students. There are a lot of unnoticed benefits to taking these classes including a sense of belonging and real world skills and responsibility.

One of the most popular electives is band. Counselor Heather McCarty recommends the band because she says she’s a music person and it’s unlike any of the typical electives.

“Any of the ensembles would be good just because it’s unlike any other class or any of the typical electives just because the outside [of school] responsibilities,” Mccarty said.

Maleah Dunn (‘26) enjoys band because of the environment she’s surrounded in and all the competition and concerts that come with the class.

“Nobody’s mean to you and nobody discludes you, everyone’s just there and your all just like a big family,” Dunn said.

Dunn says she’s been in the band since 6th grade and shes more advanced than she ever thought she’d be.

“Once I tried that[marching band] I knew I was stuck in,” said Dunn.

Being in a band you have to have a lot of independence while working together as one. It’s a fun elective that goes further than just the curricular. They do this by taking trips to other cities and states to compete at your best level, while competing your expected to represent the school and act as your best self. Your held to a high level of expectations while having fun.

“It’s taught me to be a better person,”said Dunn. “Because you’re expected to be your best.”

Overall the band experience sounds to be a good one. You have responsibilities while having a sense of support and encouragement. Your faced with a lot of competitiveness and outside of school events.