An Exciting Tip-Off for Holt’s Basketball Season


Students pack into the bleachers and gym to support and cheer on their school’s team. Students chant their school’s cheers, as tension and excitement grows as the teams rush to their opponent’s basket.

The JV boys game started at 4 p.m. and ended with a score of 53-24. Jv boys began to get into position anticipating the first game. Jace Evans (‘26) felt confident about the team after defeating North Point by nearly 30 points.

On Nov. 18 Holt’s Varsity boys and girls and Jv boys basketball team went up against North Point basketball teams at North Point High School, beginning the official and promising start of Holt’s 2022 basketball season.

The Varsity girls game followed after the Jv boys with a score of 35-19 starting at 5:30 p.m.

Within just mere minutes of the Varsity girl’s game ending the Varsity boy’s game kicks off. The Varsity boys game started at 7 p.m. and had a score of 64-31.

Mark Hunt (‘24) described the win as exciting.

“I felt good, we won by a lot, we had about 60 something and [North point] had about 30 points,” Evans said.

Abby Alivernia (‘25) said “We beat [North Point] by a lot, they only scored about 12, it was fun though a lot of my friends go to North Point,” Alivernia, though excited for the first game, some players were nervous for the first game of the season like Abby “Yeah, I’m always nervous for the first game no matter how many times I’ve played on Varsity in my life,”Alivernia said

“I think the game went really well, the starters did what they needed to do,” Hunt said, “I knew we were going to blow [North Point] out of the water.”