Spinning in Sync

Holt Winter Guard kicks off 2023 season


photo by Avery Scanlon

Holt is kicking off its winter sports season strong after the recent winter assembly. Students were pumped up at the start by a wonderful performance by the winter guard. Perhaps you were so entranced that you want to join the team yourself! Winter guard is just the same as color guard, the only difference being that it is indoors for the winter. It involves a team of performers performing choreographed dances and routines with equipment, such as flags, rifles, or sabres to music. They typically perform with a band.



What is winter guard to the team members?

“To me it’s a sport that I can just be myself in and don’t have to be closed off or have to hold myself to a certain standard” Alyssa Bryant (‘23) said.

“Winter guard is a place where I can express my self without felling judged. The people in guard aren’t just my friends they are my family,” Halle Broeckelmann (‘23) said.

What is the best part about winter guard?

“The best part of Winter guard is performing in front of amazing audiences and being able to create an incredible show with my friends,” Emma McCarty (‘23) said.

“Figuring out what the uniforms are and learning what we’ll be performing song wise,” Sophia Gacki (‘23) said.

How can someone who is interested join winter guard?

“Currently winter guard is only open to those that are members of the fall color guard, or those that have previously participated in at least one season of color/winter guard. I would highly encourage anyone interested in being part of winter guard to audition for the fall color guard in May,” Winter Guard Coach Molly Krejci said.

The next time to audition is in May 2023. Check out the winter guard’s Instagram page for more information. @wentzvilleholtguard