Dye and Dodgeball: How Holt Showed its School Spirit


The Pink Night game was a special night for many different people. It was a time where two rival schools came together to raise money for a good cause. The donations were for a fundraiser going towards a student at Timberland, Leah Wilmsmeyer (‘23). 


Wilmsmeyer has recently fought and defeated breast cancer, so Timberland decided that they wanted to raise money for her. 


To show support, Holt raised extra money for the cause during power lunch by hosting a raffle. The teacher who ended up raising the most money got their hair dyed pink. That person would be English Teacher Noah Standish.


The hair dye was a silly way to get students involved and raise money for a good cause,” Standish said. “The hair dye was really cold.”


Ava Chase (‘24) dyed Standish’s hair and Science Teacher Jacob Boling’s hair, who finished as the runner-up.


“The dye was very itchy and I kept getting pink all over my fingers throughout the day,” Boling said.


Other ways Holt showed support was by hosting a different sporting event at Holt. 


“(Gym Teacher April) Moore also put together a pay a dollar to play in a dodgeball tournament in team sports on the day of the Pink Night,” Chase said.


The basketball games themselves weren’t the best for Holt but that wasn’t the main focus of the games. The point of the games was to bring rival schools together for a good cause.


 “Our total amount of money raised between both schools was around $2000,” Chase said.