If In Doubt, Swim It Out


AnnaBell Crosson, Magazine student

The swim and dive season has been full of ups and downs. The seniors on the swim team are excited for what the future holds. Head Coach Jacob Boling has pushed his seniors hard this year to get them to where they are today.

Aubrey Maschmidt (‘23) is finishing up her high school swim career this year. She is like an older sister to those who are younger; if someone is ever struggling with a loss, she likes to help.

“Let (the loss) go, you can’t just dwell on it,” Maschmidt said, “If you dwell on it you’re going to lose everything. You can’t dwell on the past. You gotta let it go.”

The season goes on the girls get ready for the swim and dive Gateway Athletic Conference (GAC). Molly Sizemore (‘24) has the ability to compete in GAC this year.

“ I have 14 dives for a first year which is a little different, but my greatest accomplishment is I’m working on my front double right now,” Sizemore said.

Sizemore has lots of things to enjoy as well as things she does not like along with many of the other girls.

“My least favorite thing is definitely doing reverses. I can do them. It’s just the act of going backwards. My mind is like ‘haha, no.’ (Coach Boling) just says some words and then I just close my eyes and just say, ‘Well what’s the worst that can happen if you hit the water?’” Sizemore said.

“The hardest part of swimming is probably getting up for 5 a.m. practice,” said Maschmidt.

Riley VanValin (‘23) is finishing her high school swim career strong.

“Last year I went to state for the 500 free,” VanValin said, “I was the only swimmer to go to state so that was fun.”