Holt’s Hidden Gems: GSA


Everyone wants a safe space where they can feel represented and validated. Luckily, Holt’s GSA club does just that for members of the LGBTQ+ community. 


GSA returned to Holt this year after not having a sponsor last year. But this year, not only does it have a sponsor, it has two. English Teachers Billy Brannum and Christina Belt.


“I wanted to sponsor the club to give kids an accepting place to hang out and feel a sense of belonging, community and safety,” Belt said.


After returning, the club is still trying to continue building the firm foundation it once had.


“We are still kind of figuring out what GSA will be at Holt since Mr. Brannum and I are both new to the club.  A lot of times, we just hang out and chat and have lunch together,” Belt said.


The primary objective of GSA is to give students an accepting environment to talk about whatever the students need or want to talk about.


“GSA stands for ‘Gender Sexuality Alliance.’ Specifically, it is for LGBTQ+ youth, though all people are welcome to attend,” Belt said.


The students involved in GSA seem to really love the club as well. One student in particular is really enthusiastic about GSA.


“My favorite thing about GSA is the people in it. Unlike way too many kids at this school, people in GSA could not care less that you’re queer or you dress alternatively or whatever,” Katelyn Downey (‘24) said.


The sponsors are doing a great job doing exactly what the students need. Contributing an even more welcoming sense of school spirit into the LGBTQ+ community and more.