Hustle, Hit, and Never Quit


AnnaBell Crosson

Jace Evans (’26) about to put the ball away during a match against Troy.

With a total of 16 guys on the Holt Tennis team the season is off to a great start. After a win over Ladue the team has a few different thoughts for the rest of the season.

“My biggest goal this season is to improve my backhands and gain some control on my serves,” Jace Evans (’26) said.

Along with thoughts about the future, the team has an amazing team dynamic.

“I like that we all have our partners and all build each other up,” Preston Adams (’25) said.

A group of three seniors join last minute this year. The group decided that trying something new for their last year in high school might be fun. James Goforth (’23) is one of those three seniors. He thinks that the team has lots of pros.

“There are a lot of good guys and It’s fun to talk with them and hangout with them after matches.” Goforth said.

Goforth is one of the three seniors on the team. Oliver Murphy (’23,), Brady Moore (’23) and Goforth joined the team for fun not expecting what was to come over the season.

Some players may be new, but those returning are preparing for the seasons to come. There are a total of six players coming back after the previous seasons.

“My main goal for the years to come is to improve immensely and hopefully make it to state my senior year,” Kaden Evans (’24) said.

Some players are only planning to play through out high school while others are thinking of going further. Some of the boys on the team are working hard to be able to make it in college scholarships.

“I am hopefully going to get a scholarship for college so I can continue,” Mabry Madden (’24) said.

Although some of the guys are aiming for scholarships others are only really playing for fun. Ethan Goodin (’24), Tim Price (’24) and Adams recently joined. Being new to the team, the three of them play with each other.

“My favorite part of the sport is being able to have power and be more skilled than other people, but the hardest part is getting the skills to be better,” Price said.

Head Coach Stephen Alter shares his thoughts about the team during an interview after the last match before the Gateway Athletic Conference.

“Overall we have done very well, and up to now we have put ourselves in contention for a conference and district championship,” Alter said.

“The team dynamic is very closely knit, everyone is very comfortable with each other and are very close,” Assistant Manager Samantha Crigger (’26) said.