See You At the Pole

See You At the Pole

Sydney C Swanson

Megan Thompson, Writer

On September 27, several students met up down by the flagpole to pray for the students and staff in our school.  This event is called “See You at the Pole” and it takes place all over the country with multiple schools meeting up around their flag to pray. While “See You at the Pole” Day takes place in a few minutes at the flag, the event stimulates other activities . The week of this event is the Global Week of Student Prayer which takes place from the 24th through the 30th of this month. The week is dedicated to students finding “unique ways, places, and times to pray throughout the week.

“I was pretty happy with it. It seemed like a lot more people from last year showed up. I was really surprised,” said Emma Rose (‘18)

This SYATP (See You at the Pole) event went very well according to many of the students who attended. Some of the students who came were part of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) but not all of them. A lot of students found out about the meeting and decided to come. “ It gathered people together that you might not know about to pray and to lean on in the future”, said Brook Ginger (‘18).

For students who want to participate in Global Week of Student Prayer, the SYATP website has a list of things you can pray about during the week. “Pray for the non-Christian students on your campus who will see or hear about SYATP ,Christian students on your campus to make the most of this unique opportunity to explain what happened on the morning of See You at the Pole™ and to be a witness for Christ…”

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