A Guide For Your Goals



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Megan Thompson, Writer

     Vision boards, also known as dream boards, can help you concentrate on a goal you have in your life and work towards a goal. They are visual representations of things you want to achieve and a daily reminder to keep trying. But what is the science behind a vision board? How do you make one?

   Vision boards can be made on a cork board or a poster board, or anything like paper or cardboard. There simple to make, but can be pretty powerful. After you get the material you will be putting the pictures on, the next step is to find pictures and quotes you can cut out of magazines or print off from online and glue, tape, or pin them down however you want.

   You might not have any specific goal in mind, and that is okay. Start with finding quotes that describe you, pictures of hobbies and things you are interested in. As you go you should be able to find patterns about yourself that help you come up with a goal. You can also make your vision board as a reminder to stay positive or stick to your values.

   One of the most important steps in making a vision board is setting a time where you can work on it with no distractions. You should not feel rushed or stressed while you work on it. Relax, sit back, and think about all the things you want to accomplish and do in your life. If you still can not think of anything, another way would be by making a bucket list and choosing items you want to represent visually on your board. You can also close your eyes and take some time to imagine how you want your board to look. Remember it might not go exactly how you imagine it, which is fine.

   Start gluing down your pictures and quotes around the board. Positivity is key! You want your vision board to make you feel happy when you look at it, not like a major project that is weighing you down. You can get as creative as you want, adding little designs and doodles. Imagine it has a visualization of all the happy parts of your brain. You can add pictures of friends and family and important people in your life as well.

   Next, think of a place you can put your vision board where you will see it every day. You can make it on a cork board hanging up in your room or a poster board you put on your door or any other place that will make it catch your eye. When you look at it, think about the goals you want to attain and what you are doing in your daily life to achieve it. Is it a job you want to get? Do you want better grades? While your vision board can have short-term goals, it should mainly focus on long-term goals or constant goals like smiling more or doing random acts of kindness daily.

   The future can seem like a big hassle. It is hard to know what you want to do in life or accomplish. While vision boards might not be for everyone, visually displaying your goals can be very helpful.


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