The Hamilton Legacy


Megan Thompson ('20) gets a chance to see Hamilton at the Fox.

Megan Thompson, Writer

Hamilton: the American Musical was at the Fox Theatre between April 3 through April 22. Getting tickets to see Hamilton was not an easy processes for most, but if you got to see it the musical proved to be absolutely worth it.

It’s hard to imagine a musical about the guy on the ten dollar bill would turn out to be such a huge success. It recently took home seven trophies at the Olivier Awards. In 2017, it won Top Soundtrack/Cast Album. In 2016 it won several awards from Best Musical to Best Book of a Musical. In 2015, the year it came out, it won many awards like Outstanding Musical and Outstanding Lighting Design.

Hamilton is a amazing experience from the lighting to the stage design to each person on the stage bringing there full energy into each character they play. The show takes your breath away from the moment it starts till the moment it ends. Each cast gives gives you a unique take on the characters by the way they act them out and carry themselves on stage.

In Hamilton many actors play one character in the first act and then a different one in the second act. The actor Isa Briones played Peggy Schuyler in the first act and Maria Reynolds in the second. Briones did absolutely astounding at changing personalities and styles for each character.  Chaundre Hall-Broomfield blew the audience away by going from a loud but lovable Hercules Mulligan to the ill but favorited James Madison. Chris De’Sean Lee was absolutely stunning as both Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson.

Some other actors who played more than one character were Josh Andrés Rivera who played John Laurens and Philip Hamilton and Jacob Guzman who had three parts as Philip Schuyler, James Reynolds, and the doctor for the duels.

Alexander Hamilton, played by Austin Scott grabbed the audience’s attention from the moment he walked out on stage. He accurately played out the transitions in Hamilton’s life through each song. Nicholas Christopher, who played Aaron Burr, brought full emotions to his character from being a calm and collected to vengeful towards Hamilton.

The Schuyler Sisters, played by Sabrina Sloan (Angelica), Julia K. Harriman (Eliza), and Isa Briones (Peggy) were magnificent. Sloan blew everyone away with her impressive performance of “Satisfied” while Harriman shocked and amazed the crowd with her emotional performance of “Burn. Of course we can’t forget about Briones who left the crowd smiling and laughing with her energetic lines in “The Schuyler Sisters”.

The Hamilsquad, the name most people give the group consisting of Marquis de Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, John Laurens, and Alexander Hamilton, took the performance from energtic to silly to emotional throughout the show. Lee impressingly spit the fasted bars in broadway history as he performed “Guns and Ships”. Broomfield made the crowd laugh with his epic rendition of Hercules Mulligan. The audience was in tears when Guzman sang “Laurens Interlude”.

Hamilton is a fantastic musical full of silly, happy, serious and sad moments. The stage was beautifully designed as well as the lighting. The actors performed with high energy and intense emotion. The style of the music is so modern for a historical musical that it makes you want to learn more about the life of Alexander Hamilton.

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