We’re Bringing Freshy Back


Madeleine Spellmeyer, Writer

Making the transition to freshman year from middle school can be intimidating and with a new year starting there are a lot of brand new freshmen at Holt High School. After three years of middle school, it can be hard to adapt to the new world of high school. Since freshmen are the youngest students at Holt, the older students can sometimes be intimidating. This is why freshmen find it hard to adapt to high school on the first couple of days.

Freshman year can be very stressful because students are trying to find their way around campus and not to be late to class at the same time. Freshmen also struggle with not knowing anyone on the first couple of days; this can be frightening especially when they have questions and there is no one around them to get answers.

There are a lot of things different about high school than middle school. “I like having two electives because in middle school we only got one. I think high school is more relaxed than middle school; we have more freedom,” Ella Spellmeyer (‘22) said.

High School may be a big change, but there are a lot of ways freshmen can adapt. “I follow upperclassman because I feel like they know what they’re doing,” Hawk Frederick (‘22) said. To help you make some new friends and adapt to high school,  you can join a sport or other extracurricular activities. Learn how to introduce yourself and talk to new people. Make sure you’re being yourself and setting goals for yourself. Keep good grades and enjoy freshman year while it lasts.