Holt High School’s Solution for Unused Lockers

Holt High makes the decision to not assign all students lockers this year. The reason for this change was because most students were not using the lockers that were assigned to them. The Staff was coming to realize that many students would go the whole year without even opening their locker. “No one was using it. We spent hours and hours assigning them to people who don’t even use them,” Dr.Gwin said. Even Students admit that they personally do not use them.

When questioned whether the change affected them or not, most students said it does not affect most  upperclassmen. The only students assigned a locker were incoming 8th graders, who are now freshman, “Freshmen are more likely to use them,” said Dr. Gwin.

One of the main concerns for many upperclassmen was if this is a permanent  plan. “We will meet the needs of our students. If all of a sudden students want lockers, we’ll assign them lockers,” Dr. Gwin said.

But not everyone likes this change “I actually don’t like the change because in the winter, where am I gonna put my coat,” Kaitlyn Sikes said.

All in all the majority like the change. “I actually like it because now I don’t have to worry about having a locker under my name,” said Maggie Ostrike. In conclusion, most students are either unaffected or do not care about the change. Though the change might not last forever, students still have their own opinion about it.