You Snooze You Lose


Megan Thompson, Photography Editor

    We have all had those days where we can barely lift our heads off of our desks. But how can you stay awake during the day after those late night study sessions? Here are a few ways to keep your eyes open during the day.

    The first method is by starting your day with a V8 energy drink or caffeinated teas like green tea. This will help wake you up before you go to school. Try to wake up at least 30 minutes before you need to leave so you can start to wake up your brain.

    A good way to wake up your brain in the morning is by downloading the app Alarmy and setting it on the math option. This way when your alarm goes off in the morning you have to do math problems to get it to turn off. A tip for setting an alarm is you should play something that you would like to wake you up, so you do not have to wake up something that causes you to be aggravated and start your day out in a bad mood.

    Once your at school it is a good idea to carry around a cold water bottle in classes that will allow it. The cold water will keep you up when you start feeling drowsy. You can also stop by the vending machine between classes for when you really need an extra boost.

    Another method for staying up during class is by tricking your brain. You can tell yourself “If I can just get through one more class…” Or start smaller like finishing a problem or reading the next paragraph on an assignment.

    It is also a good idea to keep your teachers informed  if you had a rough night or something happened. Most teachers are understanding and can help you out. Teachers are here to help you succeed after all.

    The next method you can do really helps for when your just bored and that is causing you to be tired. Focus on what your teachers saying and try to find at least one thing that pops out to you in the lesson. Ask questions, and try to remain as focused as possible.

    The last method you can do is try to cut down on naps after school. If you really need one, try to keep it under 15 minutes.

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