Beauty and the Beast


Madeleine Spellmeyer, Writer

“Beauty and the Beast” will spend four days at Holt High School in the CH Jones Auditorium. November 1 through November 4. Students from Holt High School will be able to see this play that fellow students have worked on very hard.

Isabelle Nutt, who is playing Belle, is especially excited for the production. “I’m really excited for everything coming together”, Isabelle Nutt said. “I’m excited for the audience to see what we’re doing.” Don’t miss out on “Beauty and the Beast”!

Other cast crews include:

Beast – Quentin Stevens

Mrs. Potts – Rylie Struckman

Lumiere – Jimmy Coogan

Cogsworth – Cael Nolan

Babette – Elizabeth Ames

Wardrobe – Halle King

Chip – Devon Dietiker

Gaston – David Clote

LeFou – Dylan Soberg

Maurice – Dominic Barbosa

Monsieur D’arque – Gabe Mueller

Narrator – Alex Dent

Enchantress- Stephanie Tauser

Prince – Greg Mose

Silly Girls

  • Paige Bennett
  • Melody Fanning
  • Bailey Tucker
  • Ella Weiler
  • Sydney Tamborski


  • Natalie Sutherlin
  • Jiliania Castellano
  • Khalil McGilberry
  • Mac McLeod

Village Ensemble

  • Ahlea Adams
  • Kinslee Keatts
  • Alex McConachie
  • Joelle Schmeltzer
  • Greg Mose
  • Kaia Fischer
  • Dahlia Swafford
  • Samarria Miller
  • Kiele Crochran
  • Natalie Ginger
  • Cartier Sims
  • Mac McLeod
  • Kenya Farwell

Castle Ensemble

  • Amaya Kopp
  • Raquel Blanton
  • Ally Shirley
  • Sarah Broughton
  • Hannah Christ
  • Morgan Dunn
  • Khalil McGilberry
  • Madison Heisler
  • Emma McNamara
  • Sierra Moore
  • Rachel Mueller
  • Kelly Rydberg
  • Alex McConachie