Marriage Equality

Alec Reeves, Design Editor

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     Prior to June 26, 2015, thirteen states have banned same-sex marriage. Thanks to Barack Obama, all fifty states have lifted the ban on same-sex marriage. It is now legal for homosexual couples to get married. There are still issues though, with people being fired or being refused the right to adopt kids because they are homosexual.

     A lot of people who disagree with same-sex marriage believe it is unlawful because it goes against their religion. Others who disagree will say it is because it affects mental health. Studies show that negative comments, affect the LGBT community, as much as it affects everybody else. (American Physiological Association)

      Not all religious people protest but some do. This leaves a very negative effect on the LGBT community, along with a negative effect on the religious community. For example, the Westboro Baptist Church are known for their hate speech, most knowingly against LGBT people. For example the website is “god hates fags”

    Although there is much hate in the community, there is also much love. There is a group called Free Mom Hugs, that goes to pride fests to support LGBT members and give them hugs. It is nice for members that have been abandoned by their parents. Also allies of the community have been very supportive.

     Although there is good and bad to the community, in the end, there will always be a fight for love.