Identifying Drug Abuse


Madeleine Spellmeyer, Writer

Any kind of substance can be abused, although drugs carry a higher risk of addiction. With drugs being used more often is it important to know if a friend or family member is struggling with substance abuse. It is best to identify someone who is struggling early on so that the problem can be solved before the addiction takes hold. “I think drug addiction is scary because it makes you act so different. I think it tears families apart and ruins lives,” Luke Frederick (‘20) said. Drug addiction is a very serious problem and there are many ways to identify if someone is struggling.

Someone who has been showing zero effort in school may be struggling with drug addiction. Especially if they were once on top of their school work. When someone is addicted to drugs they stop caring about school since the only thing on their mind is the drug they have been using. Another sign of drug abuse are changes in appearance. Someone may look like they haven’t showered or haven’t shaved for a while, which could be another sign of drug abuse.

Someone who is struggling with drug abuse will also have a change in behavior, such as the person becoming more aggressive. If a friend or family member was once a kind person and they have recently become agitated, it may be a good idea to find the person help for drug abuse. Another way to identify substance abuse is to look out for someone being tired or run down. Drugs are no joke which is why it is important to identify if someone is using them. If someone at Holt High School seems to be using drugs or alcohol, make sure to tell a trusted adult right away.

If someone has been acting strange or different, do not jump straight into drug abuse. There could be so many other reasons why this person is acting this way. There could be family problems going on at home that could make this person feel sad. Someone could be on a different medication for a mental illness. Medicines that help with chemicals in the brain can cause an alteration in behavior. Someone who is struggling with money may not have the funds to shop for shampoo or other toiletries which is why some people can not shower as much. If someone is having signs of drug abuse make sure to see what other factors could be affecting this individual’s behavior.