Exceptional Holt Students Excel at PSAT

Jacob Rothenberger, Online Editor

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Sarah Sargant (’19) (left) and Jasper Pendino (’19)

Holt High School often produces Merit Scholarship finalists and semi-finalists and this year is no different. With two seniors, Jasper Pendino (’19) and Sarah Sargent (’19) , Holt has continued the tradition of producing stellar scholars. Out of all the high schools in the Wentzville School District, Holt has managed to produce more semi-finalists this year, than Liberty and Timberland combine. Liberty has one National Merit Semi-Finalist and Timberland has none.

The College Board recommends  that students take PSAT, SAT and ACT prep courses to be better suited to make high marks on the test. While this may be great advice for most pupils Pendino and Sargent differ. “I just went for it,” said Sargent, which is not much different than her fellow semi-finalist who also did not take any special prep courses to get ready for the PSAT.

Both, Sargent and Pendino, agree that rigorous classes and teachers that discuss standardized tests were part of why they succeeded. “Mrs. Hantack’s english class helped. It was one of those classes that pushed me to do better,” said Perdino. Which makes sense, typically teachers and classes at Holt that push students in their studies will produce kids that are able to excel at standardized test, like Sargent and Perdino did.

Congratulations to both Holt’s semifinalist, and good luck to both of them in their future academic careers.